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It’s spring time in NYC!! There’s much to see and do in the city as the flowers bloom. Weekend activities and events are popular because everyone is typically home, the kids are not in school and parents don’t have to go into work. But there are some great perks to weekday events and activities.

  • Less competition and lower costs for location booking.
  • There is usually less demand for event entertainment so you can have your pick! 
  • Some vendors even charge less or offer discounts for their services during the week versus the weekend. 

Of course industry rules change all the time, we’re basing this analysis on current industry trends.

We would also like to reward you for a weekday event entertainment booking. Book a weekday event in NYC we’ll wave the usual travel fees and if you book more than 3 hours of entertainment, we’ll pay the sales tax ourselves. This deal is only viable if you send in the link of this post in with your quote when booking. But only if you send this link in with your quote.

Here are some weekday entertainment ideas for NYC:

Cherry Blossom Party

The blooming of the Cherry Blossoms are kind of a big deal in NYC as many parks and gardens feature the cherry blossom tree in all it’s beautiful glory. What better way to celebrate the blooming flowers than with a weekday party at the park for the kids while they’re on spring. You can hire balloon twisters to twist flower inspired balloon creations for your guests or even have a face painter to paint great flower designs for everyone.

Fairy Garden Party

Similar to the cherry blossom party you can through a general garden party at home in the garden or at the park with fairies who face paint and or balloon twist. This can

Lisa Lefkowitz

be a let’s celebrate spring party or even a themed birthday party. Take advantage of the non rainy days we have in spring and bring your guests amongst the tree and flowers.

Earth Day Celebration

Celebrate Earth Day with a spectacular outdoor or roof top party planting trees and taking in the wonders of the earth and nature. Can be combined with cherry blossom celebration and celebrated as a fairy garden party.



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