Temporary Tattoos are a fun addition to any party or event. It’s great for guests of all ages as long as they can sit still for the few minutes it takes to apply. We here at New Hampshire birthday parties offer four types of temporary tattoos. You can mix and match or just pick one! Different tattoos are fit for different types of parties and guests.

Here are your choices of tattoos!

Airbrush Tattoos

Air brush tattoos look a lot like real tattoos only you don’t have to commit to keeping them forever. Application is easy with an airbrush gun and a design stencil.  All the paint is alcohol based and we don’t apply them to faces for safety reasons but they’re safe for skin!

These temporary tattoos can last up to a week even when they get wet. To remove, submerge and scrub with soap and water or rub off with rubbing alcohol.

Perfect for: Large events and parties with large crowds. If you need artists to entertain for the entire duration of the event.

Not for you: If you’re entertaining toddlers, or are having a very brief event. Toddlers tend to think of the airbrush gun as a needle. We also need time to set up so a minimum of 3 hours is required.

Henna Tattoos

Beautiful intricate designs that can be applied to any part of the skin. Your artist will free draw these designs on using a cone containing the henna paste. You’ll need 30 minutes or longer for the paste to dry off then they can be peeled off after the ink has seeped into the skin for a lasting tattoo. The paste can’t be smudged while it’s drying! The ink seeps into the top level of the skin.

The paste is natural and plant based and is safe. We take our client safety very seriously.

It lasts up to 2- 4 weeks! It’s the longest lasting temporary tattoo we offer.

Perfect for: Baby showers, birthday parties for ages 10 and up, any event with adults in need of something different and classy.

Not for you: If you’re entertaining young kids or your guests plan on getting wet after application.


Glitter Tattoos

Glitter tattoos are also a fun temporary tattoos to have at a birthday party or even as an add on to other entertainment. They’re quick and easy to apply using FDA approved cosmetic adhesives, cosmetic glitter and stencils! Boys and girls both enjoy them because we have lots of design options to choose from from flowers to scorpions, dragons, hearts and so much more!

They last up to 5 days even when wet! To remove just soak and scrub with soap and water or gently rub off with rubbing alcohol.

Perfect for: Large events with a lot of children

Not for you: If you’re looking for tattoos that a little bit more realistic. These are shiny and glittery.


Flash Tattoos

A tattoo and accessory, two in one. A new big trend among teens and adults. Flash tattoos are like stick on tattoos with a flashy appeal. They can last up till 4 days after application.They’re flashy tattoos that look like jewelry when applied properly and fit in perfectly with any outfit.  Easily removable with soap and water.

Perfect for: Teens, Tweens, and adults.

Not for you: If you’re looking for something more colorful and playful for kids or something a little bit more realistic when it comes to tattoos.